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Choline Cooler 45 servings 600 grams $14.98

CHOLINE COOLER® is the intelligent and delicious way to consume your "smart nutrients" and upgrade your memory. Optimize your neurological potential to enhance concentration, organize thoughts, and focus your mind with lemon-flavored CHOLINE COOLER. This delicious Designer Drink mix was formulated by Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw to help your body convert choline, an important natural nutrient, into acetylcholine, the prime neurotransmitter involved in verbal behavior, attention to detail and problem solving. Published studies show that choline supplementation boosts acetlcholine levels and overall cognitive function. Acetylcholine is especially important for maintaining short-term memory and mental focus.

Nutrients Glossary: Choline
Article: Article: Boosting Your Productivity

One level tablespoon of CHOLINE COOLER contains:

* Essential for human nutrition but no established RDA.
** Need in human nutrition not established.

DIRECTIONS: Mix one well rounded tablespoon of CHOLINE COOLER with 8 ounces of ice cold water or juice. Consume as desired 1 to 3 times per day. The niacin content of (75 mg. ) may cause temporary skin flushing which is harmless and can be minimized by regularly taking on a full stomach.
CAUTION: For use by adults only. Person with ulcers or a history of ulcers should consult their physician before using a choline supplement since choline may increase stomach acid production. Choline supplements should not be used by Parkinson's disease patients or those who are taking prescription anticholinergic drugs.

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